Grenlander L-Zeal56 Tyres

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Details about the L-Zeal56

Key Features

  • Asymmetric tread pattern - Asymmetric tread pattern design with lateral grooves linked inside provide excellent drainage performance.

  • Wide and large shoulder - Wide and large shoulder blocks with sipes design ensure the blocks peristalsis slightly while turing corner and changing . lanes, bring stable handling and great driving performance.

  • Linked pattern - Linked pattern design. Linked pattern design reduce the driving noise and provide great wetland grip performance.

  • Vertical ribs - Vertical ribs improve high-speed driving stability.

Size: 245/40R17 95W

  • Section Width: 245
  • Aspect Ratio: 40
  • Rim Diameter: 17
  • Load Index: 95
  • Speed Index: W
  • Runflat: No
  • Load Range: XL

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Available Sizes

SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
195/45R16 84W XL
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
205/45R17 88W XL
215/40R17 87W XL
215/45R17 91W XL
225/50R17 98W XL
235/50R17 100W XL
235/55R17 103W XL
245/40R17 95W XL
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
215/35R18 84W XL
215/40R18 89W XL
215/45R18 93W XL
215/50R18 92W XL
215/55R18 99W XL
225/40R18 92W XL
225/50R18 99W XL
225/55R18 102W XL
235/45R18 98W XL
235/50R18 97V
235/55R18 104V XL
245/45R18 100W XL
255/35R18 94W XL
255/45R18 99W
255/55R18 105V
265/35R18 97W XL
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
225/35R19 84W
225/40R19 93W XL
225/55R19 99V
235/35R19 91W XL
235/45R19 95W
235/50R19 103V XL
235/55R19 105V XL
245/35R19 93W XL
245/40R19 98W XL
245/55R19 103V
255/35R19 96W XL
255/50R19 103V
255/55R19 111V XL
265/30R19 93W XL
275/30R19 96W XL
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
225/30R20 85W XL
235/30R20 88W XL
235/35R20 92W XL
245/30R20 95W XL
245/35R20 95W XL
245/40R20 99W XL
245/45R20 103W XL
245/50R20 105W XL
255/35R20 97W XL
255/45R20 105W XL
255/50R20 109V XL
275/30R20 97W XL
275/35R20 102W XL
275/40R20 106W XL
275/45R20 110V XL
285/30R20 99W XL
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
245/30R22 92W XL