Nankang NS-20 Noble Sport Tyres

NS-20 Noble Sport
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Details about the NS-20 Noble Sport

The NS-20 is produced with the latest in tyre technology, giving the driver complete confidence in both wet and dry conditions whilst also reducing road noise.

Key Features

  • New generation sophisticated performance

  • Comfortable yet quiet

Available Sizes

SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
155/65R13 73S
195/55R13 80H
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
155/55R14 69H
155/65R14 75H
165/55R14 72H
175/50R14 74H
195/45R14 77V
205/60R14 88H
225/40R14 82V
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
165/50R15 72H
185/45R15 75V
195/50R15 82V
195/55R15 85V
205/55R15 88V
205/60R15 91H
215/40ZR15 86W XL
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
165/40R16 73V XL
165/45R16 74V XL
175/50R16 77T
195/40R16 80V XL
195/45R16 84V XL
195/50R16 88V XL
205/40R16 83V XL
205/45R16 87V XL
205/50R16 87V
205/50ZR16 87W
205/55R16 94V XL
205/55ZR16 94W XL
215/40R16 86V XL
215/45R16 90V XL
215/55R16 93V
215/55ZR16 97Y XL
225/45ZR16 89W
225/50R16 96V XL
225/50ZR16 96W XL
225/55R16 95V
225/55ZR16 99Y XL
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
165/35R17 75V XL
165/40R17 75V XL
185/35R17 82V XL
205/40R17 84V XL
205/40ZR17 84W XL
205/45R17 88V XL
205/45ZR17 88W XL
205/50R17 93V XL
205/50ZR17 93W XL
205/55ZR17 95Y XL
215/40R17 87V XL
215/40ZR17 87W XL
215/45R17 91V XL
215/45ZR17 91W XL
215/50R17 95V XL
215/50ZR17 95W XL
215/55R17 94V
215/55ZR17 98W XL
225/45R17 94V XL
225/45ZR17 94W XL
225/50R17 94V
225/50ZR17 98Y XL
225/55ZR17 101W XL
235/40R17 90V
235/40ZR17 90W
235/45R17 97V XL
235/45ZR17 97W XL
235/55R17 103H XL
235/55ZR17 103W XL
245/40R17 91V
245/40ZR17 91W
245/45R17 95H
245/45R17 95V
245/45ZR17 99Y XL
255/40R17 94V
255/40ZR17 94W
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
205/35R18 81H XL
215/35R18 84H XL
215/40R18 89H XL
215/40ZR18 89W XL
225/35R18 87H XL
225/35ZR18 87Y XL
225/40R18 92H XL
225/40ZR18 92W XL
225/45R18 95H XL
225/45ZR18 95W XL
225/55R18 98V
235/40R18 95H XL
235/40ZR18 95W XL
245/35R18 92H XL
245/35ZR18 92Y XL
245/40R18 97H XL
245/40ZR18 97W XL
245/45R18 100H XL
245/45ZR18 100Y XL
245/50R18 104H XL
245/50ZR18 104Y XL
255/35R18 94H XL
255/35ZR18 94W XL
255/45R18 103H XL
255/45ZR18 99Y
265/35R18 93H
265/35ZR18 97Y XL
275/35R18 95H
275/35ZR18 95Y
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
215/35ZR19 85Y XL
225/35ZR19 88Y XL
225/40ZR19 93Y XL
235/35ZR19 91Y XL
245/35ZR19 93Y XL
245/40ZR19 98Y XL
245/45ZR19 98Y
255/30ZR19 91Y XL
255/35ZR19 96Y XL
255/40ZR19 100Y XL
265/30ZR19 93Y XL
265/35ZR19 98Y XL
275/30ZR19 96Y XL
275/35ZR19 96Y
275/40ZR19 101Y
285/30ZR19 98Y XL
295/30ZR19 100Y XL
305/30ZR19 102Y XL
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
215/30ZR20 82W XL
225/30ZR20 85W XL
225/35ZR20 93Y XL
235/30ZR20 88Y XL
235/35ZR20 92W XL
245/30ZR20 95Y XL
245/35ZR20 95Y XL
245/40ZR20 95Y
255/30ZR20 92Y XL
255/35ZR20 97Y XL
275/30ZR20 97Y XL
275/35ZR20 102Y XL
285/30ZR20 99Y XL
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad Range
225/30ZR22 87W XL
245/30ZR22 95W XL