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Rugged Terrain R/T
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Details about the Rugged Terrain R/T

The Terrafirma® Rugged Terrain R/T is Light Truck construction, and combines extreme off-road traction with on-road performance, comfort and manners all in one tyre. It's the tyre your bank account has been waiting for.

Key Features

  • Tough guts - 2 Ply 1500 denier reinforced sidewalls, a strong steel belt package and chemically-coupled silica compound provides the extreme traction and toughness of a mud-terrain tyre.

  • Quiet - A unique tread pattern design ensures a quiet ride

  • Quality you can afford - Has a 12.1mm deep tread, a heavy duty (light truck) construction and stacks of features that combine to make this a tyre that is real good, but not real expensive.

  • Extra large tread blocks and damage protector ribs - Aggressive rugged terrain look, with features that don't just look cool, but do what they're supposed to do. Tread lugs keep you suctioned to the terrain like an octapus to the face, while the damage protector ribs give you tough as nails sidewall protection against damage (from 4x4 tracks and for when you get too close to the gutter).

  • L/T Heavy Duty Construction - An upgrade to your passenger rated OE tyres to give you the extra strength you need in your tyres, so you can handle the daily commute, tear it up in the dirt and gravel and survive the conditions at even the messiest worksite.